"For The Ride" is a song of Bad Hair Day which is performed by Laura Marano and was released on 2015. It is written by Dan Book, Shelly Peiken, and Laura Marano. It is produced by Dan Book and Shelly Peiken.


I'm through with holding back,
Been there, I'm done with that
Don't even tell me that I'm not ready.

I drive with windows down,
I know my way around
The sky above me is all confetti

Everything that could go wrong might go wrong
And I could be thrown down, but
Everything that can go wrong, will go wrong (And it's alright)

I'm living for the ride
I don't care, I'm in it for the ride
And it don't even matter if I make mistakes
Or more heartbreaks, I'll make it out alive

I'm living for the ride (x2)
(Living for the ride)




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