Ross Shor Lynch is an american actor best known for playing Austin Moon on Austin & Ally. He is a close friend of Laura Marano. The pairing name of Avan and Ariana is often called Raura (R/oss and L/aura).

Friendship with LauraEdit

The two have been shown to be good friends and seem very comfortable around each other. This can be seen in various interviews like with FanLaLa, Radio Disney, and KTLA.

  • Ross has tweeted many times that he is trying to convince Laura to make a Twitter (along with the other cast members).
  • During their interview on KTLA, Laura is the one who brought up how Ross is an amazing dancer.
  • Both Ross and Laura kept smiling at each other during their KTLA interview.
  • On their Radio Disney Ross called Laura a freestyle rapper who sings.
  • In an interview for Girlfriend Magazine, Ross and Laura said they spend a lot of their time together because they have school together and they are really close.
  • Ross said that Laura is an amazing actress who can act anything out, she responded with, "Aww, Ross you make me blush!"
  • During the Live Chat in Australia they both were wearing the same color of blue.